Personal services

Our consultants provide practical solutions and assist individuals and self-employed workers in the management of administrative formalities in the UK

“You don’t speak English? You need to know what documentation is required when moving to England? You don’t know which authority to contact? – Now you don’t need to worry about a thing: our offices prepare all of the necessary documentation, and one of our experts will accompany you physically to meetings with the relevant parties.”

Our personal services in Great Britain

Getting a NIN in the UK (National Insurance No)

The NIN is equivalent to the social security number. A National Insurance number is required when you are employed in England or looking for a job.

English taxation

  • Application and obtaining of fiscal residence
  • Income Statement (HMRC)


  • Social security coverage and mutual insurance analysis for family members (spouses, children)
  • Search and compare schools for children
  • Search and compare housing: we assist you to find your house, apartment, loft in London
  • Installation and / or subscriptions to water, gas and electricity amenities


  • Application for English registration plates for a foreign vehicle
  • Support for technical inspection of the vehicle (MOT – Ministry of Transport)
  • Support for purchase/sale of new and used vehicles in England
  • Analysis and comparison of rates and insurance coverage in England

Set up as a sole trader

Amedia also offers individuals the opportunity to start their business in the UK as « Self-employed » or « Sole trader » (individual and the business are a single entity.).

For personal advice on what is best for you, you should speak to an accountant. We offer a free consultation where our advisers guide you through this and more. Don’t hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you find the right structure for your business.

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