Tax management of your company in England

Our tax advisers will help you to increase your profitability

Amedia Accountants offer businesses professional, competent and reliable advice. We are committed to providing our clients with regularly updated information, essential to the successful development of their projects in England.

Our team of tax experts is kept informed of new developments in real time (English taxation system, VAT, English corporation tax,…) and are on hand to assist you, in full respect of international laws, in order to ensure a tailored service which helps you to optimise your revenues in the UK.

In order to do this, a thorough study of your particular project will be carried out, with a view to identifying and adopting the best planning and management practices and techniques.

Tax management of your company in England

Concentrate on your business activities with total peace of mind, while Amedia take care of your tax affairs in England:

Advice on English taxation

  • Study of your project with regard to your company’s business sector
  • Identification of the most appropriate tax policy for your needs
  • Sending of regular “Newsletters” on English tax affairs

Tax management of your company in England

  • Preparation of documents for submission to the British tax authorities (IR – Inland Revenue)
  • Corporate tax return:
    Tax at 20% for companies with turnover < to 300,000 GBP.
    Tax at 23% for companies with turnover of more than 300,001 GBP.
  • Income tax return
  • VAT return: at 20%
  • Tax return on asset transfers
  • Estimate of future returns
  • Preparation of tax reports and dates of debt maturities
  • Resolution of tax disputes: with the Government, company taxes, VAT, welfare costs…etc.
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